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Lost Shareholders

is dedicated to keeping in touch with our shareholders and wants to ensure they can be reached for future corporate publications including the Shareholder newsletter or the eNewsletter, job openings, important notices and future distributions.

The contact information for many shareholders is not current, and we need your help to find these lost shareholders. If you know anyone on this list, please tell them to contact us.

Current Lost Shareholders

  • Gary W. Austin
  • Thomas Morris Austin
  • Lawrence E.D. Demmert III
  • Sabrina D Demmert
  • Laurence H Dushane Jr.
  • Daniel F. Edelman
  • Eric Scott Edenshaw
  • Cody R Fleury
  • Regina C Franks
  • Ashlea M.H.R. Graff
  • Tate B Guthrie
  • Jonas R. Heppe
  • Ronald E Heskett
  • Elizabeth Renee Isaacs
  • Jess Duane Isaacs
  • Lincoln D. Isaacs
  • Kathryn Ann Jacobson
  • Karen Sue John
  • Rebecca L Johnson
  • Raymond A. Jones
  • Tina M. Kegg
  • Anthony J. Lawnicki
  • James Michael Lewis
  • Sarah Louise Lewis
  • Anthony W. Martin
  • Joseph Redwing Miranda
  • Jake E Morris Jr
  • Gene Autry Mullins
  • Robert R. Parish
  • Dan Patterson
  • Tatianna Peratrovich
  • William John Ritchey
  • Joseph Peter Roberts
  • Blake S. Rowan
  • Brittany L. Rowan
  • Hailey J. Rowe
  • Hannah T Skaggs
  • Michael David Stitt
  • Maxine L. Taylor
  • Brook A. White