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Cruise Ships to Klawock Island

Klawock, Alaska – Klawock Heenya Corporation and Na-Dena, the Joint Venture Native tourism development company between Huna Totem Corporation and Doyon Limited, delays the opening of its cruise destination on Prince of Wales Island. Originally scheduled to welcome its first ship in April of this year, Klawock Heenya Corporation, Na-Dena and visiting cruise line partners now look to the start of the 2024 cruise season to begin operations.


Partnering with Klawock Heenya, the Native Corporation for the community, the first phase plans for the Port of Klawock consist of a temporary welcome center featuring local artist, light retail with a cafe, walking trails, history displays, a bus tour departure area, temporary bathrooms and a tendering floating dock connected to the existing KIDCO dock on Klawock Island.


Klawock Heenya recognizes the generational impact that the port could have on our shareholders and community. Every decision is being weighed with our shareholders and community in mind. Postponement of ship calls in 2023 will ensure all aspects of such an endeavor are in order and set the stage for successful launch and operation in 2024.” said Sarah Dybdahl, President of Klawock Heenya Corporation.


“Mobilizing up a temporary operation is something Doyon understands from the oil and gas industry” explains Patrick Duke, CFO of Doyon, Limited and shareholder of Klawock Heenya Native Corporation. “Getting the hardware to Klawock is easy but, we’re making a long-term, sustainable investment affecting all communities on Prince of Wales Island. It must be done right.”


With Alaska being one of the highest-yielding and most desirable markets, the Port of Klawock creates additional alternatives for the Alaska travel industry. Klawock’s location on the outside of Prince of Wales Island and its distance from Seattle and the other Alaska northern ports, along with Juneau’s imposed “five ship limit”, there is much anticipation for the port’s 2024 opening.


“Icy Strait Point became a world class destination in eighteen years. Especially developing a destination outside of the standard itineraries, it’s vital to the project’s success to be strategic and deliberate about the travel experience we’re building,” said Russell Dick, CEO of Huna Totem Corporation.




About Klawock Heenya Corporation

Klawock Heenya Corporation, formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971, is located in Klawock, Alaska, on Prince of Wales Island. Known as “one of the earliest known settlements along the Northwest Coast of North America,” Klawock dates back over 10,000 years.  Klawock Heenya Corporation is comprised of 1,208 Alaska Native shareholders. By promoting health, education and improving the quality of life for its shareholders, Klawock Heenya’s mission is to preserve its heritage and culture for future generations. From the corporation’s beginnings, Klawock Heenya invested in businesses specializing in timber harvesting and the fishing industry. Today, both industries are facing significant decline and the corporation is changing direction, adapting a regenerative tourism business model for the advancement of its community and shareholders.

About Na-Dena’

Na-Dena` is a 50-50 joint venture between Alaska Native corporations Doyon, Limited and Huna Totem Corporation, focused on expanding sustainable tourism in Alaska. The new company is taking a holistic approach to statewide tourism, connecting the modern-day traveler with historic traditions, crafting new turnkey excursion packages and building value for Huna Totem and Doyon shareholders by creating jobs in a sustainable industry for future generations. Na-Dena’ will explore opportunities for growth in transportation, lodging and tour development in the state.

In the spirit of this relationship throughout time including extensive trade, alliances, marriage and ANCSA formation to present day, Na-Dena` connects both the Athabascan and Tlingit cultures and languages. In Tlingit “naa” and Athabascan “dene,” both mean people or tribe.